Heckler & Koch H&K HK MP7 A1 Cal.4.6mm X 30 Gun Parts Kit; VERY RARE!


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is a very rare Heckler & Koch H&K MP7 A1 Cal.4.6mm X 30 Gun Parts Kit (decommissioned). Housing, Barrel (Threaded), Stock Assembly (Collapsible), Bolt, Foregrip, Hammer Assembly, Sights, Rails, Trigger, Mainspring, Levers, Springs, Screws & Pins. Missing the safety lever detent pin (uses the same safety detent pin as a H&K P30). The barrel has not been removed from the receiver as it takes a special tool.

This is one of the hardest to find, most desirable machine gun kits out there with little to none available on the market. They are used by many elite police and military forces around the world and have been spoken of highly. A kit like this is as close to having one as most of us will ever get to having a real one and any real HK collection needs to have one to be complete. All NFA rules apply, if you don’t understand this please don’t bid.

The parts pictured are all that come with this kit and are all the parts we have. The bore should clean to bright. We will not accept any offers, so please do not waste your time or ours. Shipping is 100$…this covers insurance. We don’t know the round count; it has been used but not abused. We were told by the place we received them from that they did not take them out much (Paperwork from HK to the Department was in 2010. You can tell just from the wear patterns on the bolt rails and other high rub spots that they have not been shot a lot.
The bolt head still has visible machine marks that have not been polished down even a little bit with use. I have not had the chance to look at more than a few of these guns but this barrel does not show discoloration from shooting and has a consistent color that matches throughout the length of the barrel. From the other guns I have seen it looks to be the same grayish color that I observed on them. The A1 mark on the grip I believe is an earlier gun and this was added after the frame was made, maybe some kind of transitional model. This gun has not been rebuilt or refinished in its service life and the place we received them from got them new from HK direct. Don’t miss out on this rare find, you don’t want to look back in a few years and know you missed out!
SN:164-0XXXXX Thank you.
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